The Legal Framework for Med-Arb Developments in China

Findings on the legal framework for Med-Arb reform in China including recent cases, institutional rules, advantages and existing pitfalls have been published by Dispute Resolution International available here.  The full citation to the article is: Ali, Shahla F., The Legal Framework for Med-Arb Developments in China: Recent Cases, Institutional Rules and Opportunities (October 18, 2016). Dispute Resolution International, DRI 119. PP. 119-132, 2016 . SSRN:

New Arbitration Ordinance in Hong Kong Provides for Med-Arb

The Secretary for Justice in Hong Kong, Mr. Wong Yang Lun, recently announced the promulgation of the new Arbitration Ordinance in Hong Kong at a recent talk held at the ICC offices in November.  He noted that the Ordinance, which draws on the UN Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration, also permits arbitrators to act as mediators prior to or following an arbitration, provided that all parties agree.   Section 32 covers the appointment of mediators in an arbitration agreement. It provides that “no objection can be made against an arbitrator solely on the basis that the same person had acted previously as a mediator in the dispute.”  Similarly, Section 33 provides that an arbitrator “may act as a mediator after the arbitration has commenced provided all parties consent in writing.”