We provide dispute resolution (arbitration/mediation) and advisory services to private and public sector enterprises in the Asia Pacific region.  We offer:

  • Neutral arbitration/mediation services: to resolve international, cross-border commercial, financial, securities and IP disputes.
  • Organizational Change: Through collaborative institutional dispute systems design, and early dispute prevention.
  • Capacity Strengthening & Evaluation: Through collaborative assessment & evaluation of complex internal disputes.
  • Training: to develop group decision-making and mediation skills.

We work with clients throughout the world including individuals, organizations and non-profits who seek to advance their effectiveness in enhancing productivity, problem solving and creativity.

Past Clients: USAID, World Bank/IFC, US District Court/ADR Office, CA Office of the Courts, Public International Law and Policy Group, Norwegian Ministry of International Development; United Nations Office of Human Resource Development; HSBC; Hang Seng Bank; SunNing Hotel; Duke University; Santa Clara University; Stanford University


Contact us here.

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